[MC1.10 - 1.17] Extra OptiFine

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Post 11 Jul 2016, 19:37

Extra OptiFine


This requires OptiFine to work. Features work with any version of the pack unless explicitly stated.

CTM Features

  • Connected End Portal Frame Blocks
    Dynamic Stone Double Slabs
    • MC1.10 to MC1.12: Image guide of data values, Detailed table
      MC1.13+: Due to changes in MC1.13 the old metadata is gone, so things had to change slightly:
      Note: in MC1.13 a handful of states are missing, they are back in MC1.14+

      Code: Select all

      Double Slabs				With ExOF
      Bricks					Bricks (stone corner bricks)
      Cobblestone				Cobblestone (stone corner bricks)
      Red Sandstone				Red Sandstone Bricks (stone corner bricks)
      Yellow Sandstone			Yellow Sandstone Bricks (stone corner bricks)
      Stone Bricks				Bricks (yellow sandstone corner bricks)
      Prismarine				Cobblestone (sandstone corner bricks)
      Prismarine Brick			Chiselled Yellow Sandstone
      Dark Prismarine				Chiselled Red Sandstone
      Nether Brick				Chiselled Stone
      Purpur					Chiselled Quartz
      Smooth Stone				Stone Tiles (since MC1.14)
      Smooth Yellow Sandstone			Yellow Sandstone Tiles (since MC1.14)
      Smooth Red Sandstone			Red Sandstone Tiles (since MC1.14)

CIT Features

Using the PureBDcraft Extra OptiFine addon for MC1.10 and over you can change some textures just by renaming their related items in an anvil.

Format: Original Name > New Name


  • Diamond Sword > Smooth Diamond Sword (since MC1.13)
    Netherite Sword > Smooth Netherite Sword (since MC1.16)


  • Diamond Axe > Diamond Battleaxe
    Iron Axe > Iron Battleaxe
    Golden Axe > Golden Battleaxe
    Netherite Axe > Netherite Battleaxe (since MC1.16)


  • Diamond Axe > Diamond Warhammer
    Iron Axe > Iron Warhammer
    Golden Axe > Golden Warhammer
    Netherite Axe > Netherite Warhammer (since MC1.16)


  • Bow > Indicator Bow
    Bow > Compound Bow
    Bow > Crossbow (no longer valid since MC1.14)
    Bow > Indicator Crossbow (no longer valid since MC1.14)


  • Crossbow > Indicator Crossbow (since MC1.14)


  • Diamond > Ruby
    Emerald > Ruby
    Rotten Flesh > Brain
  • Wooden Axe > WorldEdit Wand


  • Diamond Helmet > Gravitite Helmet
    Diamond Chestplate > Gravitite Chestplate
    Diamond Leggings > Gravitite Leggings
    Diamond Boots > Gravitite Boots
  • Diamond Helmet > Neptune Helmet
    Diamond Chestplate > Neptune Chestplate
    Diamond Leggings > Neptune Leggings
    Diamond Boots > Neptune Boots
  • Diamond Helmet > Obsidian Helmet
    Diamond Chestplate > Obsidian Chestplate
    Diamond Leggings > Obsidian Leggings
    Diamond Boots > Obsidian Boots
  • Diamond Helmet > Phoenix Helmet
    Diamond Chestplate > Phoenix Chestplate
    Diamond Leggings > Phoenix Leggings
    Diamond Boots > Phoenix Boots
  • Diamond Helmet > Zanite Helmet
    Diamond Chestplate > Zanite Chestplate
    Diamond Leggings > Zanite Leggings
    Diamond Boots > Zanite Boots
  • Iron Helmet > Stone Helmet
    Iron Chestplate > Stone Chestplate
    Iron Leggings > Stone Leggings
    Iron Boots > Stone Boots


MC1.11 & MC1.12
Note: this will only affect the model when equipped, and will not affect the item texture.
  • Elytra > Dark Elytra
Note: affects both the worn texture, and held item texture.
  • Elytra > Black Elytra
    Elytra > Blue Elytra
    Elytra > Brown Elytra
    Elytra > Cyan Elytra
    Elytra > Gray Elytra
    Elytra > Green Elytra
    Elytra > Light Blue Elytra
    Elytra > Light Gray Elytra
    Elytra > Lime Elytra
    Elytra > Magenta Elytra
    Elytra > Orange Elytra
    Elytra > Pink Elytra
    Elytra > Purple Elytra
    Elytra > Rainbow Elytra
    Elytra > Red Elytra
    Elytra > Yellow Elytra
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Post 28 Aug 2016, 15:49

Probably not useful, but just an idea. Can we call this "Extrafine" :3
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Post 28 Aug 2016, 20:21

For some reason this unloads all of sphax when i put it on
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Post 28 Aug 2016, 22:59

Do you have the most recent release of PureBDCraft? Also, this pack goes above the main resourcepack.
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Post 28 Aug 2016, 23:02

That issue is likely caused by the pack being too much for your PC to handle. Try a lower resolution or go without the addon.
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Post 28 Aug 2016, 23:04

^ Oh, what he said <3 Thx EskiMojo!
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Post 29 Aug 2016, 01:57

i sized it down to 64x, still does it. and i'm positive i can run 64x, i could still run 128x pretty well, also i just downloaded it so i should have the latest version
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Post 29 Aug 2016, 07:57

Make sure you're using the latest Optifine too. (C3)
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Post 02 Sep 2016, 22:14

ok, turns out I had c2
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Post 28 Sep 2016, 11:40

What about different texture overlays for enchantments

Flame = When charging a bow the arrow is on fire.
Fire Aspect = Sword on fire
Sharpness = more sharp?
Aqua Infinity/Respiration = a glass plane in front of the helmet.

These are ideas, I can think of more.