[128x - 32x] Technic: Big Dig [MC1.5.2]

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Big Dig is a pack centered around a new kind of world generation, with large and frequent ore veins. With a hefty mod list and a ton of fat veins, we hope you'll spend less time collecting resources, and more time experimenting with the best mods the Minecraft community has to offer. Ride a chocobo, build the factory of your dreams, and melt down all the ores - some call it cheating. And, well, it pretty much is.


Big Dig Ver 1.3.9 for MC 1.5.2

How to Install

  1. Download the original Sphax PureBDCraft texture pack for MC 1.5.2. For best visual results, download the same size pack for both texture packs.
  2. Download this texture pack
  3. Open both .zip texture pack files - copy and paste this texture pack into the original Sphax texture pack.
  4. Place this newly created texture pack into the folder: *installation path*\modpacks\bigdig\texturepacks
  5. Run Technic Big Dig
  6. Goto: Options -- Resource Packs -- and select the Texture pack.




12 Sept 2016 - Initial release


If anyone would like to take over any of my threads please contact me. I will continue to host what I have done but expect no further updates.