Thank you Novamanga

Ideas and feedback to improve PureBDcraft, the HD cartoony resourcepack for Minecraft Java Edition.
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Post 08 Nov 2016, 23:35

Let me start by saying that the whole BDcraft team and the many other individual contributors are worthy of praise for the work they put into making texture packs for the Minecraft community.

This post, however, is a simple thank you to an individual whose packs that I personally have used the most. Minecraft is a therapeutic tool for me and having an aesthetically pleasing texture pack enhances the experience for myself (and many others I'm sure). So, thank you Novamanga; from me to you. The time and effort put into the packs you put together is greatly appreciated. That's it. Post done. :D
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Post 09 Nov 2016, 02:18

Are "Likes" A thing on here?Oh well.*likes post as i agree*

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