How do I edit the paintings?

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Post 10 Dec 2016, 13:50

I love the paintings in the texture pack, but I want to switch one of them with the brewing chart at The way I have been going about it is by:
1. opening "paintings_kristoffer_zetterstrads.png" in paint
2. open the brewing chart in paint
3. cut the chart out and paste wihtin one of the frames
4. save as png and quit
The problem is that every time I try, instead of the texture packs paintings I get the vanilla minecraft paintings. I would like to know how I can edit the paintings in case in the future I would like to edit a lot more of the paintings.
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Post 11 Dec 2016, 10:47

What you're doing is the correct way to replace them.

Make sure the program you save in is definitely saving as a PNG and that you're not saving it as a jpg or gif or something, and selecting to overwrite the png file.
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