[64x] Immersive Petroleum [MC 1.11]

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Post 29 Jun 2017, 01:38


Immersive Petroleum

Immersive Petroleum is an expansion for the mod Immersive Engineering. It adds the ability to use multiblock pumpjacks and immersive distillation towers that have realistic animations. Oil can be processed for power and decoration blocks. This mod also adds other devices.
I'll gladly accept improved or better textures to help complete this patch as I am not the best texturer myself, and you will be duly credited for this.

[1.11] Progress: 45%
[1.10] Progress: 0%

If you have any suggestions leave them below.


v1.07 for MC 1.11 by MegaFapidz



No screenshots as of yet...
Check back when more progress is made for it to be worthy of display :)


29/06/2017 - Distillation Tower GUI, Bitumen, Fuel and Asphalt [1.11] (MegaFapidz)


Sphax - Inspiration, and huge thanks for inventing this style of texturing!
Novamanga - Texturing legend, used bits and bobs from various other mod patches.
MegaFapidz - 1.11 textures
Apprentice texturing guy.
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Post 16 May 2018, 04:11

does this support 1.12?
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Post 31 Jul 2018, 18:14


I had a go, unfortunately I messed this up a lot and took far too long to do, not helped by textures being reversed and some wrong way around on the actual in game model.

It's not quite finished got 2 places left to texture but I'd like to get people's feedback!
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Post 14 Aug 2018, 00:25

b0bst3r, that looks great so far. Keep up the good work!
Has MegaFapidz abandoned this project? If so, perhaps we can resume work on it? I'm a fair hand at texturing myself...
Well, if you didn't want Dwarven Engineering, why am I here?
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Post 06 Sep 2018, 18:15

Just got started playing this mod and its very cool :)

The jackpump it looks very nice mate and i cannot wait to see that baby pumping the oil !!
Keep it up b0b
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