[1.7.10] False textures with some Sandstone blocks

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Post 17 Aug 2017, 13:30


in the main RP and eventually in the Chisel ones are some issues with the sandstone blocks.

Here are the links to images since only stupied 256 KiB are allowed as attachment (should definitly be changed in times where we have toons of Terrabyte of storage and not only Megabyte and yes, default images are today arround 2 MB if they are 1920x1080 which shouldn't hurt):

Image#1: https://puu.sh/xcniA.png
Image#2: https://puu.sh/xcniq.png
Image#3: https://puu.sh/xcnit.png
Image#4: https://puu.sh/xcniv.png

You can see that the top and also the bottom has the false texture on it because if I have a smooth sandstone why it then has it the normal sandstone texture? Definitly a bug!

Why does the CT only occoure at 2x2 and at 2x1? If CT is supported then it should be activated if the same block is placed at another same block (touching each other) also the sides should be identicly to the used block so it isn't correct that there is a sandstone texture but the stone itself is a smooth sandstone ... doesn't makes any sense.

I hope that his will be resolved since even with and without the Chisel RP for 1.7.10 the texture and the CTs are not correctly handeld. I also tried out on my own to add the correct sides to the smooth sandstone block but it seems not to be accepted.
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Post 18 Aug 2017, 19:57

No issues from MC1.7.10 will be fixed in the main pack as it's now over 3 years old. As far as we're concerned the latest MC version is the only one worth worrying about.

There's a good chance it just wasn't possible to do what you expect at the time seeing as modifying blocks wasn't really possible until models were introduced in MC1.8.
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Post 19 Aug 2017, 12:01

Sounds bad :(

Becasue "colorname" stained glass also has not the correct CT, means only normal glass has this :(
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