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Re: [128x] Astral Sorcery [MC1.16.5]

Posted: 03 Jun 2022, 08:33
by HanFox
Master80er wrote:
03 Jun 2022, 01:09
I've merged your post to the WIP thread as a lot of textures still seem to be missing.

You also seem to have mostly 64x textures in your patch :thinking:

Re: [128x] Astral Sorcery [MC1.10, 1.12, 1.16]

Posted: 03 Jun 2022, 08:52
by Master80er
Good morning
Yes, some are still at 64x Texturen and there are still around 11 items that need to be revised. Like The Yellow Dust and The Purple Dust. I'll try it again, at least I'm happy that it's mostly going to 1.16.5 because I've liked your graphics for years.

MfG Master 80er

Re: [128x] Astral Sorcery [MC1.10, 1.12, 1.16]

Posted: 21 Jul 2022, 02:59
by Dreizehnt
Hello, I have some problem on 1.12.2. I use "astralsorcery-1.12.2-1.10.27" & "Sphax Astral - WIP - 0.0.6 128px" and the texture of the "glowflower" breaks.
Please tell me how to solve this problem.