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Post 27 Apr 2018, 13:45

Hello, am I in the right area here? I'm new here.

I just downloaded the sound extension. I have noticed that adf.ly switches extreme advertising. A lot of windows have been opened. I've been instructed to call a toll number. The windows could no longer be closed. I had to shoot down my browser via Task Manager. This has often happened to me when I wanted to download something from BDCraft.

I fully understand that you want to make some money on advertising. But that's going too far. With such extreme advertising, boundaries are crossed.

Please use another platform where we can download the files. Adf.l is not good. They are dangerous with her advertising. Viruses or other malware could be installed by mistake. Please come up with a solution to this problem.
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Post 15 Jul 2018, 11:24

Whilst we agree adf.ly isn't great, there aren't any clean alternatives (we've tried a few).

Soon "Supporter" will be available where you can get direct links with no ads.
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