Silent's Gems

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Post 06 May 2018, 05:36

Seeing as it's one of the few mods in ATM3 Lite that isn't patched under Novamanga's patch pack, I feel like it'd be a worthwhile addition to the patch repository.

64x preferred, 128x and 32x would be nice to have too, but not 100% necessary.

Thank you.

EDIT: Forgot the link to the mod page. [link][/link]
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Post 06 May 2018, 08:32

As per the Rules you need to provide a link to the mod's download page.
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Post 07 May 2018, 00:54

Apologies. I knew I was forgetting something.

I'm not very good at this...
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Post 02 Jun 2018, 04:32

I have seen this Mod on many popular Packs :) i would love to see this for the 1.12.2 Version. Is there any Progress? or anyone working on this? :)
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Post 14 Oct 2018, 18:32

I'd love to see a skin for this mod as well. Silent's Gems seem to be increasing in popularity and some people choose it over Tinkers nowadays. Hoping for a kind soul to make a 32x, because that's about as high as I can go with my ye olde pc.
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Post 03 Dec 2018, 21:38

You got it! I have been playing ATM:3 Lite, and I will start patching for this mod!
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