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Want hints or tips about creating textures or other resources? This is the place for you.
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Post 16 Jul 2018, 01:34


i have been using this pack for many years and after putting my own modpack together with various mods for the latest version of MC - i have now found many of them do not yet have this great texture pack. as a result, i am happy to start helping but am not sure where to start.

i would love to find a small mod - with just a handful assets to start with. i see a number of posts with regards to actually creating assets - i do not have a problem with this as i have all the software and experience i require at my disposal. my main query is where do i actually start? is it worth contacting the author of a mod to offer converting their assets for example? is it then as simple as just creating the assets, zipping them up with pack.pcmeta and they will work when placed in a resource folder?

additionally is there a QA process of sorts that the pack needs to go through to ensure it meets the bdcraft standards?

thanks in advance for any advice.
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Post 16 Jul 2018, 07:37

The best you can do imo is checking the Requests forum, take a Mod you like and start with it.

Even if the patch is not finished, you can release its current state in the WIP forum with screenshots and all the things you want t get feedback. 😉
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Post 16 Jul 2018, 11:54

Further to what Sphax says, you do not need to ask a modder if you can make a patch. You can tell them after you have completed the patch though, as a lot are quite appreciative of that.

Also, as for a patch to work on, I highly recommend it's a mod you use and enjoy. It's hard to keep motivated if you aren't actually interested in the mod.

The only real QA there is is that the mod patch looks like it will work at the bare minimum requirements (i.e. a correct pack.mcmeta is there and the structure looks correct). Ultimately all the in-game testing is down to yourself (and others who use the patch).
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Post 16 Jul 2018, 21:54

awesome - thanks heaps.

ok - i ave found a mod that would be perfect to start with. i have downloaded the jar file, but have not been able to extract it.

i have googled method and tried variations of this: ... npack.html

but it just doesnt seem to work. is there a tool i can use that will help?

thank you.
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