[READ FIRST|Bedrock] Troubleshooting Guide

You need some technical assistance with our resourcepacks or website or general help with Minecraft, including mods.
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Post 11 Apr 2019, 19:37 


The game is meant to detect your device's memory limits and pick the correct resolution for your device, but it doesn't always get it right which may lead to the game crashing.

To rectify the issue manually, you'll need to follow these simple steps:
  1. Open the game
  2. Navigate to Global Resources in your Options
  3. Hit the Plus icon to move the BDcraft pack to the active section
  4. Hit the Wrench icon
  5. Move the slider down to a lower number
  6. Accept the settings and let the pack load


BDcraft cannot issue any refunds for purchases made via the Minecraft marketplace.

If you want a refund for any reason you have to contact Xbox Support regardless of the platform (Apple, Android, Windows, etc.) you made the purchase on.
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