Does 1.12.2 sphax not exist?

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Post 17 May 2019, 21:52

Heyo, I've been looking over the forums for about 20 minutes and I keep trying to download Sphax for 1.12.2 online but when I get sent to the site, it gives me a 404 page. And then if I try to actually download it from the page it's supposed to be on, it only lists 1.13 and 1.10, nothing in-between. I can't use 1.13 because the pack I'm playing is Project Ozone 3, it doesn't work. I'll be trying 1.10 but I doubt it's going to work. The pack is version 1.12.2. I just don't understand why this version is missing, or I'm not seeing something obvious like a warning or a post that says why it doesn't exist. I need it 32x or 64x, otherwise I have to go with a different texture pack.
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Post 17 May 2019, 23:40

It's on the download page with all the others: ... ft/#dl-112
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Post 17 May 2019, 23:48

Based on the part about "1.13 and 1.10, nothing in-between", I think the OP might have been looking at VanillaBDCraft.
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