Tameable Arachne Mod

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Post 05 Jul 2019, 00:55

This mod is an odd, but fun mod. The downside with it is, like any other mod that doesn't have a Sphax patch, it looks pixielated and forein to the world. Even though the "faces" are animeish in style, the Sphax patch doesn't have to be. Not sure how many other players use this mod, and I know it's not in any official Modpacks, but I would still like to see a patch for it. Just three different mobs so not a big project. If I knew how to paint in the Sphax style I would try my hand at it and share.

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Image Arachne
Image Harpies

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Post 05 Jul 2019, 01:07

Please don't post 9minecraft links. They're a website which just profiteer from others' work and don't respect creators' wishes.

I changed the link to CurseForge.
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