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Post 13 Aug 2019, 05:05

Hello, I'm new, can you tell?

I'm in my 40s and I have just discovered Minecraft. Late to the party, I know.

I fell in love with the game pretty much instantly because it does wonders lowering my insanely high stress levels after work. Sadly, my aging eyes could not handle the original textures. They are too noisy, too messy, to the point where, after an hour or so, I would not be able to see what's what anymore and would usually fall to my death somewhere.

I've tried dozens of textures but none managed to be both easy on my eyes and actually look good. Until I found my way here. Now I can play for hours and enjoy my world and creations looking absolutely gorgeous. So I simply wanted to thank the creators for their hard work. Keep it up, you're amazing and you have a new devoted fan here.

EDIT: Just realized I probably posted it in the wrong forum. Apologies for that and please feel free to remove the post. I only wanted to say thanks, nothing more.