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Post 27 Aug 2019, 08:19

Hi there,

First time poster old time BDcraft fan (just have to say I love LOVE l.o.v.e the DBcraft style so much, ty ty ty for making such a great pack!!!!) and anyway I've recently found myself in a aesthetic pickle.

I'm normally happy just playing survival (java) with nothing but pureDBcraft loaded but recently I have fallen in love with a little mod called Simple Farming. Unfortunately the new plants (mod adds 25 new crop items into the game, for those who love farming it's the best) do not match my BD world at all as the new crops are still in the original mc style.

So I was wondering if anyone knows a good tutorial on how to change the aesthetics of a mod so I could attempt to give the crops a DIY makeover so the new plants blend more in my world ... .... .... it'll still look super off but at least it'll look more cartoony off -_-"

Thanks in advance for any help <3
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Post 27 Aug 2019, 08:53

The WIP section has 3 pinned threads with information and resources: work-progress-f8/

You might also just be able to find fitting textures in other food/farming mods like Pam's Harvestcraft amongst others.
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Post 27 Aug 2019, 10:36

Thanks for the link. I never ever thought about trying to alter the look of something myself so had no clue there was a section like the WIP that could help (TBH I thought the WIP stuff was for the crew only, like a update/newsletter of sorts so didn't even think to look there.... sorry!) fingers crossed there is something I can follow :upside_down:

thanks again
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Post 22 Oct 2019, 13:13

Did you actually manage to pull this off, Kewpie?
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