Black Voxelmap

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Post 10 Sep 2019, 10:01

Hi everyone,
I come here because I encounter a problem in my minecraft. The voxel map is overly dark meaning you can't really see anything.
To start, here the information :
- Fabric branch (mean voxel and optifine are not the usual version)
- 1.14.4
- BD 512x for 1.14.4 with block and connexion addons.

From what I saw :
- It's not linked to the patch for voxelmap (I try, even if outdated, and look a little bit of the file : it's purely for graphic overall of the voxel asset, not how the map render).
- it's only linked to BDcraft since over texture pack works fines (so the voxel and optifine for fabric are not the problem).

With this information, I'm open to all suggestion (over than moving on forge). BDcraft is an really old texture mods for me, with strong feelings and memories so I really like to use it again, even if currently, due to the problem with the map, I have to move on something else.


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Post 10 Sep 2019, 10:31

I would generally suggest that when textures go black it's usually a VideoRAM issue. Textures getting pushed out of memory as it fills up.

Your latest.log from the logs folder may help.
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Post 21 Sep 2019, 17:10

It's black only on voxel, not ingame. I will try to make a new test on monday and give the log here :)

edit :
For some unknow reason, the problem disapear OO There is still some weard stuff tho : the water is not renderign on the map (so I see the bottom of the ocean) and some biome have weird color but I can deal with it. I will try to have a clear log for this evening, in case of.

edit 2 : It seems non consistant bug. I have a perfect voxel map in an other world.
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