Bedrock Edition, Vanila BD Craft Texture Pack disappeared from list.

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Post 11 Sep 2019, 05:42

I purchased the Vanilla BD Craft texture pack for Bedrock Edition a few weeks ago and it has been great, the only pack I use and the pack I used when I played on Java years ago. However, I logged back in after a week break and the pack is no longer in my list and is as if I never purchased it.

When I went to the Minecraft store page it just asks for another $3.99. The Microsoft store only has the record of the purchase of the Minecoins and not what they were used for. So I can not restore the purchase in anyway.

I noticed in other posts that there was an update or something of that kind recently and that the Vanilla BC Craft Pack update is awaiting approval from Microsoft.
However, I do not know if or when the pack will be added back to my list, it seems the other people experiencing the same problem still have the pack in their list and that it is just not working for them.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I do not so much have a problem with losing $4 so much as I have a problem with the reliability of the Minecraft Store.
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Post 11 Sep 2019, 10:04 

We have no control over purchases, and we can't do any checks to verify you ever bought it.

We haven't done anything in regards to the pack that would make it disappear either.

For missing purchases you should read over this help page: ... ace-issues
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