All chunks not being loaded. + 256 res not working

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Post 12 Sep 2019, 18:02

Let us get straight to the point.
So, I've just bought PureBDcraft and was testing it out, but for some strange reason, my set chunks setting (24) is being overridden and it only loads 8 or so. Also, x256 res isn't working even though I have 2 GIGS of RAM. Pls fix.
edit: I've just noticed that the texture pack limits it to 8 chunks on my Realm, which I play survival on. It doesn't happen on my local worlds. This is stupid.
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Post 12 Sep 2019, 20:01

The texture pack doesn't actively limit chunks at all. Not even sure it's possible to do that.

Also 256x requires over 8GB of RAM to work as Bedrock isn't very optimised for HD textures yet.

We can't give you any specific support for realms as we dont have access to one.
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