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Post 12 Sep 2019, 20:37

I want my forum acc to be deleted.
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Post 12 Sep 2019, 21:11 

Sorry, we don't delete accounts that have posts and content attached to them.

I'm not really sure why you got upset just because I asked you to follow the layout rules for release threads, which you really should have read before posting a patch anyway.

All you literally need to do to rectify the issue was to copy/paste the template and fill in the information, which really isn't much.

For context to others this is all I asked you to do:
Please see the layout example in the thread:
releases-for-packs-f10/rules-read-this- ... -t281.html

Besides the missing Credits there are other issues:

Don't use random sizes throughout. Use the Preview button before submitting to make sure it looks correct.

Don't link media from 9minecraft. They're a scummy site that makes money off of others' hardwork. If you need to rehost the media elsewhere such as imgur.

Please also make sure your thread title is similar to other threads'.
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