Minecraft Windows Edition texture pack not fully applying.

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Post 04 Oct 2019, 21:18

I am on v1.12.1 of Minecraft, I’m not able to find what version the texture pack is on but when going into a friend’s world or an older world, the texture will only sometimes apply. For example, it applies to only the top of dirt but not any other side. Or it will also apply to a stone pressure plate. Everything that does not have the texture (which is mostly everything) it will apply another texture pack that I don’t even have loaded. I’ve tried reducing it from 128x to 64x and still nothing. The pack works if I do a new world however. I appreciate any help with this problem! Thank you.
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Post 05 Oct 2019, 08:30

It's possible to force specific resources for individual worlds, so you'll likely need to select your world and edit its settings to make sure it's not set to use the wrong resources.
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