The Betweenlands and a few more

Archive of patch requests that have been completed or locked for various other reasons.
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Post 05 Feb 2020, 02:08

If i may make a request, im currently enjoying The Betweenlands mod by Oily Oli with vanilla textures. i have no problem with this but for the record Sphax resource packs are my preference. im also having difficulty locating a Sphax resource pack for;
Enchanting plus mod by Darkhax Dev,
BetterStorageToo mod by TehStoneMan,
and Backpacks mod by Eydamos.

I have a few mods that currently have no Sphax Resource pack.

gentleman if i may make a request i am interested in textures for these mods, and in the interest of FPS im partial to the 32x variants.

if this is within the realm of possibility i would be most grateful
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Post 05 Feb 2020, 09:02 

As per the Rules please keep Requests to one mod/modpack at a time and provide a link to the mod/modpack.

Enchanting Plus already has a patch. As the same Rules thread states please search or use the Patch Index to find it.
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