Making a custom trident for my pack.

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Post 19 Mar 2020, 12:24

Hello, My name is Ethiokea and i need help making a custom trident model for our pack. I have tried many different things but none of them work. I even tried to reverse engineer the PureBDCraft pack but still didn't work. I'm just trying to get the trident done and fixed so we can release the pack. So i have left a link to the pack if you guys wanna get your hands dirt. All help and suggestions would be appreciated. ...
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Post 19 Mar 2020, 13:34 

I answered on Discord, but I'll copy/paste what I said there as a reply here for brevity.

You can't make custom trident models since MC1.15. The item in your hand is the same as the entity that is thrown.

PureBDcraft only still has the models as a holdover from fixing the position of them in-hand, but next release they'll be gone entirely as they aren't needed.
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