How to make a resourcepack

Want hints or tips about creating textures or other resources? This is the place for you.
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Post 10 Apr 2020, 21:27

Hello! Im looking for a tutorial on how to create an add on texture pack. I want to update some of the older sphax addons, but Im really clueless on how to do this. I never creted a pack before. I think I can edit some old textures to create updated packs for addons. Is there a tutorial for it? Im asking not for an art tutorial on how to be sphaxy, but how to create a functioning resource pack. thank you.
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Post 10 Apr 2020, 21:30

A resourcepack just needs to really be 3 things:
  1. The assets folder (which matches the layout of textures from the mod, you can see that by opening the mod.jar/zip in 7zip).
  2. A pack.mcmeta -- examples of which are in every resourcepack or the patch Rules thread (which you should read anyway): releases-for-mods-f9/rules-read-this-be ... -t312.html
  3. And optionally a pack.png -- again this is available in the patch Rules thread.
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