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[128x] Expansion+ (WIP)

Posted: 25 Apr 2020, 22:35
by ckstxjimmy

Ever wanted more ores in Minecraft? What about palm trees and new mobs? Or even more weapons and tools? Well this is the perfect creative or survival add-on as it adds all of those!
‚Äčn this addon there is over 200 new blocks, over 100 new items, and around 100 new mobs for you to use and explore. Some of the new blocks include dyed planks, stained glowstone, more stone brick variants, and much more.


I have done almost all of the grunt work. almost all the blocks and almost all the items are finished. but PLEASE PLEASE I need someone to help with the mobs.
I am not good with doing any mobs. this will be the first BEDROCK mod on this site. please I need some help with this.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the addon from the link above
  2. Enable the addon's texture resources globally or in your world
  3. Download and 2x click this patch to install it
  4. Enable this patch globally or in your world resources



26th April, 2020: Initial release
5th May, 2020: Added more Blocks, Added More Items, Added a better download link (Dropbox), Added a few Mobs, Added Title Screen, Just More Stuff.


I mixed and matched a bunch of texture packs together I did not keep track of what I used if I used a item of yours as a base or as a whole thank you.
this took a bunch of texture work by me and I am almost done all of the blocks and items.

Re: [128x] Expansion+

Posted: 26 Apr 2020, 08:05
by HanFox
First Bedrock mod patch, woo :smile:

I haven't really fiddled with Bedrock addons/mods, but is it not possible to load the main mod resources, then load this pack with only the changed files above it to apply the changes? I'm not sure the mod maker would appreciate the redistribution of the entire thing...

Also, if you archive the pack as a zip and not a 7z then rename the extension from .zip to .mcpack it should be possible to just 2x click to install the patch.

Re: [128x] Expansion+ (WIP)

Posted: 06 May 2020, 00:19
by ckstxjimmy
arlright will do that

Re: [128x] Expansion+ (WIP)

Posted: 06 May 2020, 08:59
by HanFox
I think this idea everyone has that "it's okay to take other peoples' work and redistribute it without explicit permission" is a big issue on the internet, and something people really should stop doing. Remember, when someone makes something (code, images, mods, etc.) they own the rights to it. You infringe their rights when you distribute it fully, or in part, without their permission.

Also - and probably a point you may agree with more - if you include all the files and then you disappear, but the mod keeps updating the patch will be horribly outdated. However, if this patch is just textures it may continue to work with newer addon updates.

Anyway, I redid your patch as an example of how to do a Bedrock patch properly. You can download it from the first post, and you can unpack it with 7zip to see the structure.

It only includes changed textures, and is structured in the way that a .mcpack will work when 2x clicked.

The biggest issue with how Bedrock works is that each addon's manifest.json needs a unique UUID, but that's easy to achieve using a website such as this:

I'll also point out you can't use any of the resources from the main BDcraft pack in their default position without a very good reason (i.e. the panorama's or normal chest).

In game the correct loading of resources should probably be:

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[bdcraft patches for addons (e.g. this patch)]
[bdcraft main pack]
[addons (e.g. Expansion+'s main files)]