[128x] Cave Update (WIP)

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Post 06 May 2020, 00:40


Adds a few Random End Portals, Adds new mods, (spiders,Miners, Ore Worms, and a Spider Queen Boss and more)
Adds a few new items, Chests, Pots, and makes caves updated in a awesome and fun way.


I have done about 70% of this mod, I should be able to finish it myself the mobs are not hard to texture and its been going pretty well so far, all the blocks are done, all the items are done (- the spawn eggs) just a few mods left)

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the addon from the link above
  2. Enable the addon's texture resources globally or in your world
  3. Download and 2x click this patch to install it
  4. Enable this patch globally or in your world resources



5th May, 2020: Initial release
7th May, 2020: Added .Mcpack patch. download requirement.


I mixed and matched a bunch of texture packs together I did not keep track of what I used if I used a item of yours as a base or as a whole thank you.

texture work by me and I am done all of the blocks and items and working on more mods, (50% done I would say for mobs)
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Post 06 May 2020, 09:22

I'm going to approve the thread for now, but you need to update the addon like I did for your Expansion+ patch.
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Post 08 May 2020, 07:01

ckstxjimmy wrote:
07 May 2020, 23:05
Your mcpack layout is slightly wrong. You can't have a random folder at the top level of the mcpack.

When you open the mcpack the first things you should see are the textures folder, pack.manifest, and pack_icon.png.

Also for Cave Update, and More Swords you've used the same UUID. You need to change one of them.
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