[Game Bug|Terraria] Upscaled Pack Crashes on reload of game

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Post 22 May 2020, 19:25

Attempting to load terraria after logging out with the pack enabled causes startup to fail. Removing pack from the Texture pack folder does fix issue though.
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Post 22 May 2020, 19:28 

This is a common issue with the game itself, and something you have to fix yourself.

I've loaded the game numerous times with the pack loaded, and it's been fine. You could try unpacking the zip in to a folder, and see if that helps.

Otherwise, please read this from the Terraria forum:
Issue: Crashing when reaching the main menu, making worlds/players, saving worlds/players, texture packs, etc
Present In:
Status: Known
Fixed In: Must be fixed user side
More Info: This is a complex issue where some PCs do not give Terraria permission to make modifications to certain folders (usually the Save folders or the ResourcePack folder). This varies heavily from computer to computer, based on user-side settings and AntiVirus protection programs, and is not something we are necessarily able to fix, as it is your computer/AV programs blocking Terraria.
Workarounds:The most common cause of this is an AV program not allowing Terraria through. Making sure Terraria is allowed/whitelisted with ALL of your AV programs may fix the issue. It is possible that your AV settings are too strict entirely, and will not allow Terraria to function. This is something we cannot change on our end. Additional solutions may include making sure the Terraria Players/Worlds folders are NOT set to "Read Only", and additionally, running Terraria as administrator.
Source: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?t ... ues.88826/
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Post 24 May 2020, 04:03

That seems to have fixed the problem.
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