[128x/64x/32x] Tinkers' Construct [MC1.5.2 - 1.12]

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Post 14 Aug 2013, 19:52


TConstruct is a mod about putting tools together in a wide variety of ways, then modifying them until they turn into something else. The tools never disappear and can be named and changed to your heart's desire. Once you make them, they're yours forever.
Extra TiC textures now available

How to Install This Patch

Use the following link for information on how to add these textures to the base Sphax pack


Ver2.8.0.45 onwards





MC1.7.10 Ver with the new ranged weapons
Ver1.8.0 - 1.8.7

MC1.7.10 Including Mechworks and Mantle

MC1.7.10 using Minimal Config
To use these downloads use must go into the TinkersConstruct Config file and change "Minimal Textures" to true. This is in the experimental paragraph.

MC1.7.2 including Mechworks and Mantle
For MC1.7: Place the zip in to your resourcepacks folder and select from the Resource Packs screen within Minecraft.

MC1.6.4 including Mechworks
v1.5.4 to v1.5.3

MC1.6.4 Experimental Version
MC1.6.4 pre Mechworks


MC1.5.2 Final Release
Addon Patches
Vanilla colours for stained glass
Download this patch to make the stained glass the same as the vanilla Sphax glass. Open the zip file and select the size you use and drag the assets folder into your main Tinkers zip file. Lighter Smeltery Bricks
Download this patch. Open the zip file and select the size you use and drag the assets folder into your main Tinkers zip file. This will overwrite the darker bricks with lighter ones. No Nether Ore Animation Patch
Download this patch to remove the animation from the nether ores. Open the zip file and use the texture size you require. This will work for both 1.6 versions. Early Liquid Textures
Add these to your pack if you would like the earlier versions of liquids instead of molten textures Old Crafting Station Texture
Add this if you want the older style crafting station texture

Hardcore Hearts




12 Nov 2018 - Updated MC1.12 downloads with the new Wooden Hopper. Credit to Eskimojo for the stuff I used from the Wopper patch.
17 June 2018 - Updated MC1.12 downloads with new pattern and parts chest textures.
13 Dec 2017 - Added downloads for MC 1.12.2. New Kama tool added. Also fixed pattern and cast issue.
11 May 2017 - Added downloads for MC 1.11.2
25 Mar 2017 - Updated 1.10.2 o Ver 2.6.3. Allows different coloured slime boots.
16 Dec 2016 - Updated 1.10.2 to Ver 2.6.1. Ranged weapons and modifiers added.
05 Oct 2016 - Updated 1.10.2 download to Ver 2.5.3. Added missing Scythe modifier textures.
29 Sept 2016 - Added download for MC 1.10.2 Ver 2.5.2. Added Seared Furnace and Tank. Also added associated GUI's. Added new modifier textures.
08 July 2016 - Adjusted cast texture and added json files to fix part casting textures.
01 July 2016 - Finished MC 1.9.3 ver 2.3.3. This also works for MC1.10 Ver 2.3.3
26 June 2016 - Added download for MC 1.9.4 WIP to stop people constantly complaining.
21 March 2016 - Added download for MC 1.8.9 Ver 2.2.0b. Everything has changed. New file structure, new textures everywhere.
26 Sept 2015 - Adjusted the files of the 1.8.x downloads to fix a mistake with the light grey stained glass. Also added a link in the addons for vanilla colours for the stained glass. Thanks to HanFox.
17 July 2015 - Added Ver 1.8.6a. New fancy blocks added.
19 Mar 2015 - Added Ver 1.8.3b. Added support for Cofh stuff. New liquids and gear casting.
21 Dec 2014 - Added download for the new ranged weapons version 1.8.0 beta.
4 Dec 2014 - Added downloads to use the minimal textures config option.
28 Nov 2014 - Added Hans new table and minimal parts textures. Also added my new tool forge textures
05 Nov 2014 - Added Hans new pattern chest texture and the hardcore hearts are now part of the pack.
09 Oct 2014 - Added downloads for the new Dev versions. Smeltery GUI updated and some new travellers gear addons.
09 Sep 2014 - Updated 1.7.10 downloads. Added new icons for pattern GUI. Reverted back to earlier armour GUI to fix heart canister location issue. Had a go at making a better pattern chest texture to work with the new (maybe screwed up) layout.
04 Aug 2014 - Added downloads for 1.6.4 Experimental version and 1.7.10 Version
6 May 2014 - Fixed orientation of excavator and shovel textures for latest 1.6.4 texture. Many apologies.
23 April 2014 - Added support for Ver is backwards compatible with 1.5.4) Added Sparkst3rs Slime leaves, material chunks, and I redid the crafting station using Sparkst3rs texture as a base. Also added better versions of the manual textures.
13 April 2014 - Added option for downloading the earlier liquid textures
6 April 2014 - Fixed 64x and 32x downloads for Ver 1.5.4. Now contain mcmeta files. Also forgot to say I changed the fancy stone texture.
05 April 2014 - Added download for Version 1.5.4 for MC 1.6.4. Added new items: Bacon, Emerald apple, plus added new heart canisters. Also thickened the tool outlines for the tool station GUI. Dev download removed as this is now included in this new download.
08 Mar 2014 - Added downloads for MC 1.7. Files adjusted accordingly. Now includes Mantle.
06 Mar 2014 - Added a patch to remove the animation from the nether ores.
28 Feb 2014 - After playing the game with my latest textures I found I did not like what I had done with the liquids. So now all metal and stone fluids have the lava texture as a base to give a molten affect. Also added 4 dusts. Also I have add a dev download section with the addons you req if you are using the latest dev version of TiCon.
16 Feb 2014 - Excavator and Shovel textures turned to be the same as all other BDcraft shovels.
13 Feb 2014 - Updated Tin ingot and several nugget colours as per the Thermal Expansion thread. Added new glass textures. (Both textures supplied by Hanfox). Also fixed mcmeta data for nether smeltery.
04 Feb 2014 - Completely overhauled all the tool colourings to change them to be inline with their ingots/material. Also replaced the aluminium ore with a new texture to make it less confusing with tin ore. Also ores and ingots brought inline with other sphax patches. Also added new tinkers books textures supplied by Hanfox.
05 Jan 14 - Added new smeltery blocks supplied by Hanfox. Also added 2 new GUI's. Not sure what they are for though.
09 Dec 13 - Updated for ver Added Nether smeltery and associated blocks. Also some new food and exo armor.
30 Nov 13 - New downloads for Ver 1.5.1. Updates for TE3 support plus the new wiring and signal bus system.
15 Nov 13 - Corrected mistake with GUI resolutions in 64x packs. Also adjusted several of the GUI's. All packs updated.
13 Nov 13 - Used new batch resizer on 64x and 32x downloads. Looks much better now. Fixed 1.5.2 Drawbridge GUI. Changed the newhearts png.
7 Nov 13 - Updated to 1.6.4 ver 1.5.0. Added wooden armour and rails plus stone ladder. Big thankyou to AranhaPreta for doing the armour item textures.
1 Nov 13 - Fixed iron cleaver derp highlighted by yogscast in their moonquest vid. Doh :P
16 Sept 13 - Final release for 1.5.2 done. 1.6.2 updated to release Added some liquids and awesome jerky textures from AranhaPreta. This release slightly reorders the folder structure so earlier 1.6.2 might lose edible slime texture.
27 Aug 13 - Added 64x and 32x. Also updated 1.5.2 to Dev
23 Aug 13 - Updated 1.6.2 to Dev 30.2
19 Aug 13 - Added glass textures
16 Aug 13 - 1.6.2 Release
15 Aug 13 - Adjusted original parts to line up in casts correctly
14 Aug 13 - Initial Release


  • Sparkst3r for the Slime leaves, material chunks and crafting table texture
  • Minermiah for the original Tinkers pack
  • AranhaPreta for the Bow, Scythe, Jerky, Wooden Armour item and longbow textures
  • Crumbl3d for the Hammer
  • TbotV63 for the Glass
  • pr4v for the Cutlass
  • Timmie3054 and PCMaster160 for the wooden rails
  • HanFox for the TE3 potato capacitor and Smeltery/Nether/Seared brick overhaul and Pattern Chest
  • Amon, Timmie3054, CadenDonuts, PCMaster160, HanFox for the wire coil texture ( I'm sure one of you made it)
  • Sir Oldie for the mud brick textures from B.O.P.
  • Llama Farmer for the slingshot texture from MFR
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Post 15 Aug 2013, 09:35

Wow this is really great thanks :) i'd actually been working on some of it myself (done arrows, lumberaxes and battleaxes) but this is nearly everything, great job!
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Post 16 Aug 2013, 06:34

Update for 1.6.2 please?
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Post 16 Aug 2013, 10:36

There you go Matt. Hope this is what your after. Link in the Op.
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Post 16 Aug 2013, 13:52

thank you for making the textures :)
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Post 16 Aug 2013, 15:02

Sondrex your very welcome. It's nice to see 48hrs in front of the computer have been worth it.
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Post 16 Aug 2013, 15:21

[Moved to Patches - Releases for Mods (per request by Author and patch completion)]
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Post 17 Aug 2013, 06:58

That's just a really great job, thanks for it!
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Post 18 Aug 2013, 17:26

Awesome. Simply awesome. Keep it up.
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Post 18 Aug 2013, 18:27

Oh you are a saint. An absolute saint. Thank you!
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