Copper block suggestions

Topics regarding VanillaBDcraft, the more classical feeling resourcepack for Minecraft Java Edition.
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Post 13 Mar 2021, 18:39

While waiting for the Caves Update to come out, I've been using the snapshots provided and BDcraft only updates when the game does. Since the pixel art clashes with the VanillaBDcraft style (big fan btw thx for all the hard work) and triggers me for odd reasons I decided to make some of the more commonly seen blocks (copper x64 res) in the vector style in case the staff would like to use them for when the update comes out.
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Copper block pyramid

Cut Copper block pyramid

Copper stair pyramid

Copper slab pyramid (ignore the background entities)

Copper ingot pyramid

Can post the textures for the blocks too but I've already posted enough here lol

Glow inc sac extra as I was bored.