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Missing Strider leg, and also zombie piglin keeps reverting to pigman

Posted: 20 Mar 2021, 19:14
by coolhotsmoky219382
Heya, I’m new to this website and I started using this pack quite recently and I really like it (the villagers are not very good looking though, the Jawas are the best looking to me, I hope they don’t get removed from the pack) so I decided to make an account here, I’m not sure how some stuff works so I don’t know how to directly address this post as a bug issue. So anyways, it seems that when I use this texture pack, the Strider’s leg just disappears for some reason. I’m not sure why, I don’t think it’s because of the fact that I have multiple global resource packs activated. I don’t know if it’s the shader (bicubic shader) I’m using that’s the culprit, but something just seems to cause that at times for no reason. By the way just in case, if it’s of any importance for you guys to help, the platform I’m using is mobile/pocket edition. If you guys knew what the problem was and fixed it again that would be cool, thank you.

Oh, wait, another thing I forgot to mention in this post is something that I think is actually affected by me using multiple resource packs but I’m not sure. Sometimes whenever I add a resource pack to a world when using pure the zombie piglin’s texture reverts back to the old zombie pigman texture. I’m just not totally sure what’s causing it though but you guys could probably look into that too. Also sorry that this is unnecessarily long, lol

Re: Missing Strider leg, and also zombie piglin keeps reverting to pigman

Posted: 20 Mar 2021, 20:46
by HanFox
We don't do anything with zombie pigmen that could make it randomly revert. You should try with no other packs or shaders and see if the issue still occurs.

As for the strider leg missing it's a known bug and will be fixed next release: bug-reports-f3/strider-missing-leg-t8048.html