Customiser: Ability to Save Preferences or Read from Existing Resource Pack

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Post 14 Aug 2021, 23:29

I think it'd be useful if a user could somehow quickly pull up his or her previous customization settings in the customiser tool. A couple possible approaches to achieve that would be:

  • Allow a user to save their preferences via itself.
  • Allow an existing resource pack created by the customiser tool to automatically select precious choices.

Option #2 could theoretically be done pretty simply be embedding a very small txt file inside a resource pack each time it's generated by the customiser tool. For example, just include a key/value pairing in list form. Example with JSON:

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{ "id": "bone", "variation": "Pentagon"},
{ "id": "bookshelf", "variation": "Warped wood"},
{ "id": "campfire", "variation": "Vanilla layout"}
If you notice, above, the pairs use the same text names as if you hover over each option in the customiser. This is has benefits to trying to use save just numerical choices in case an certain block style shifts around in its position. For example, if the "Bone" block had another style called "Fractured" placed between the existing "Default" and "Pentagon" styles, the above example would still allow a resource pack generated on an older version of the customiser to auto-select the correct block style for the user. In the event of a worse-cast scenario, an error could just pop up at the top of the site saying "Invalid selection:" and then list the offending key/value pair that doesn't exist anymore.

In terms of how this would fit into the existing customiser UI, it might make sense to place a new button next to the "reset" button as follows:


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Post 15 Aug 2021, 05:50

I keep intending to add back the system that just works off a bookmark/link, but haven't had any time to do it yet.
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Post 16 Aug 2021, 03:27

Thanks for the reply and taking the time to read that. Glad to hear its at least a possibility.
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