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Topics regarding PureBDcraft, the HD cartoony resourcepack for Minecraft Java Edition.
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Post 24 Oct 2021, 00:08

I would to know what the most recommended combination of pack and addons (sounds and music included) for PureBDcraft is.

(My PC can run 128x with no issues, 256x at around 30fps, and barely runs 512x (just a single frame per second), and has no issues with the font addon. (This is all on Vanilla))

I would really like to know what the best* pack and addons are for Pure.
I'd also like to know what the recommended video settings are for the game. (For both Vanilla and Optifine)

*in your opinion

Edit: I tried the three highest resolution packs with optifine, and 128x is very smooth, 256x is also pretty smooth, and 512x runs mostly okay, but can lag a little when many chunks load (Average ~80fps when standing still, ~50 when moving. It usually doesn't dip below 30). I was using the default settings (What you get after clicking "Reset Video Settings"), but with smart animations turned on.