Extreme FPS drop on death with VanillaBDCraft activated

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Post 14 Nov 2021, 00:27

I'm playing Minecraft again for the first time in about 2 years. Last time I played, I used VanillaBDCraft with no issues. I love the look.

This time around, I noticed that whenever someone dies and we're in the vicinity of where all their items drop, the FPS drops to a crawl until the loot is picked up. It took me a while to track down the culprit, but it seems to only happen when I have VanillaBDCraft activated.

Performance is great at any other point while playing (and great all the time if I have the texture pack disabled).

My machine is good enough to be running Far Cry 6 at max resolution without issue, and I never had problems with this pack 2 years ago (same machine except a GTX 1080 instead of RTX 2080). I love the look of VanillaBDCraft and want to keep using it, but the performance problems on death make it impossible.

Does anyone know of a fix for this?
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Post 14 Nov 2021, 08:43

There's an issue that has been ongoing for some time with lag caused by dropped items / lots of entities.

You can see the thread here (which includes the Mojang bug tracker link, too): bug-reports-f3/big-fps-drop-especially- ... t8029.html

Sadly there's no known fix, but you can alleviate the issue slightly by lowering the texture resolution.
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