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3DBDCraft? 256x? or others if want... (this is mostly a personal request... since idk anyone i posted it here)

Posted: 29 Dec 2021, 17:57
by BudderLord97
This is a bit of a confusing one...

But this will sum it up...

3D Items,Block addons combined with SphaxPureBDCraft.

with releases-for-mods-f9/purebdcraft-shader ... 4fb9a9b5bd

with more 3d items and blocks similar to 3DCreatorCraft?

Basically... I Want super realistic 3D Sphax PureBDCraft with all the 3D items and blocks in shader support?

(This was me basically looking at the 3D Blocks Addon for sphax, and wondering why... MUSHROOMS weren't 3D,Wheat,sugarcane,grass?,3dsnow?,cobblestone divets?,ores not extruding outward or inward? [just a few things ive seen on others...?]) (and the 3D Items? we have tools but no 3D Bread??!! come on someone help me out? and help me?)

I just want it in 256x

If you want, I don't need shader support... it would just be nice to have a Pack with all 3D Items and blocks?

(p.s. if possible can I have customizer support?) (or just make birch wood plain not black, and Hootini villagers?)

If your wondering why I Don't do it myself, I have no clue how to make 3D items/blocks and or shader support...