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New deepslate ores

Posted: 12 Feb 2022, 09:07
by Yohjian
Hello guys,

today while playing I noticed that the deepslate ores don't blend in well with the normal deepslate if you see them from above.
Maybe you have a fix for this. Ypu find a picture in the attachment. It seems like deepslate doesn't really has connected textures in some other cases too.

Thank you if you can fix this.

ps.: I hope I'm not to rude. Please foregive me my bad english too.

Re: New deepslate ores

Posted: 12 Feb 2022, 09:08
by HanFox
This is how Mojang designed it. Deepslate is a column whilst the ore is not, so the top/bottom of the deepslate is different to it's side, but the ore only uses the side.