PSDs for Base Doors and Trapdoors

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Post 23 Jul 2022, 20:01

I am in the process of making a patch for the Macaw's Doors mod, which implements several new doors to the game.

One thing this mod does is make each door available in the full complement of woods, i.e. you can have the vanilla birch door look, but it uses oak or spruce. This is constant for each kind of vanilla wooden door, as you can see in the second image from their mod page.


In the process of making this, I have recolored the base pack doors for each to match the vanilla behavior, however, there are certain elements that are difficult to copy over. Namely, some of the door textures have drawings on them that are colored differently from the rest of the door (i.e. the spruce door hinges, the acacia door ties, and the birch door's pentagon beneath the window), that do not recolor correctly and are difficult to extract to copy over because they don't have 90 degree angles.

If it isn't a problem, it would be much appreciated if the base pack's door PSDs could be made available so I could get these textures made correctly without harsh artifacts. I also intend to expand this to support the Macaw's Trapdoors mod as well, so if those could be provided too, it would be greatly welcomed.
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Post 06 Aug 2022, 15:12

This is very frustrating for you! Have you contacted HanFox?

Maybe put something in the discord.
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