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Post 20 Oct 2023, 06:03

ReIndev is a mod for Minecraft beta 1.7.3 that goes back to the roots of the game and tries to develop new features that bring back the fun, fear and discovery from old Minecraft. Since Sphax was always my go to texture pack growing up, it feels fitting to try to bring it to this game. I began work on a 16x version but realized that any actual distribution of a complete version of this texture pack would not be legal as an individual. I am hoping that through this forum and the two communities, we can create a great port for the ReIndev mod.
The mod download is only accessible through a discord. This invite is below:
I apologize for any inconveniences that arise from this.
There is also a texture pack template that can be downloaded without the need to install the mod: ... templates/
I am new to this community, so I apologize if there's any information missing. But that's pretty much it. I want to get this pack to ReIndev, which means I need to find a way to do it through this site.