Performance Issue with PureBDCraft 1.20

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Post 01 Dec 2023, 19:27

Hello everyone,

I've been encountering an interesting issue and would appreciate any insights or assistance.
Until recently, I was using the PureBDCraft 1.19 texture pack on my Minecraft 1.20.2 server without any hiccups.
It worked seamlessly, despite being marked as incompatible, and I didn't mind the pixelated food icons as the standard UI was maintained.

However, today I upgraded to the PureBDCraft 1.20 pack, and I've noticed a significant performance drop – about 10%-20%.
I suspect this might be due to the custom UI elements, as with the 1.19 version, I was getting the normal UI which seemed more performance-friendly.

So, here's my question: Is there a way to modify the 1.20 pack to disable the BDcraft UI for testing? I'd really like to continue using the latest pack but with the same smooth performance I had before.

Any advice on tweaking the pack or alternative solutions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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Post 01 Dec 2023, 19:41

The UI elements being loaded or unloaded for me have absolutely zero performance hit. Literally 118 FPS with and 118 FPS without (completely vanilla MC, no mods, etc.)...

They really shouldn't cause any issues. Most of the UI elements are only loaded when you open a machine/inventory/etc.

However, if you want to test yourself, you can just unpack the zip, open pack.mcmeta with a text editor, and remove the following section:

Code: Select all

        "formats": {
          "min_inclusive": 16,
          "max_inclusive": 22
The vast majority of UI elements were split up in 1.20.1, so currently they mostly reside in that directory. Just FYI this won't be the case come MC1.21.
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Post 02 Dec 2023, 00:17

After a more extensive testing period and switching back and forth between versions, I've realized that my initial assessment was mistaken.
Contrary to my first message, there doesn't seem to be a difference in performance.
I couldn't replicate the scenario of frame rate drops with the new version in further tests, suggesting that the issue may have had a different cause and coincidentally overlapped with my switches.
My earlier tests, which were brief and involved only a few switches between versions, weren't sufficient to draw a reliable conclusion.
I apologize for any confusion caused by my initial post and appreciate the fast and insightful response.
Thanks again for your support!
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