Idea: AI-Powered Sphax Converter?

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Post 06 Dec 2023, 20:17

With the recent advances in AI Image creation, controversy aside, would it be feasible to create a wizard of sorts where inputting a given mod or datapack will result in the creation of a Sphaxified resource pack? If an AI powered wizard compares the textures in a given mod/datapack with the Sphax style, and present to the user its interpretation of the new textures, the user can select their favorites and download the new resource pack ready to go?
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Post 06 Dec 2023, 20:54

A while ago someone attempted to make a model for PureBDcraft style textures, but its results were very poor. It was basically just splodges of colour in a sort of BDcraft style. Sphax and I considered what it managed to create and ultimately decided not to let them post it on the forum just in case people lazy-mode used it and just generated garbage en masse.

The issue with AI and a texture style is there likely isn't a big enough pool of textures to learn from in order to learn the proper nuance of the style.

It's not like people (or anime, cartoons, etc.) where you go "this is what a person looks like... this is their eyes, hands, etc. now extrapolate this massive pool of photos, art, etc. and learn from it" and then you train it more and more for it to make sense (AI art for those sorts of things can even be rigged to actual pose information, so it doesn't have to guess quite so much). For a texture style you have a few thousand textures, most of which aren't anything necessarily specific... maybe you have 50 ores to train it on, a handful of stone. The model can't learn from any other pool other than the textures that already exist or it may learn things that aren't native to the actual style.

You'd spend more time training a model to make passable stuff than you would just learning how to make the textures in a vector graphics program... the BDcraft style is fairly simple to draw by a human, but not necessarily easy for an AI model to learn because the AI software currently lacks the concept of the nuance of the textures.

I really can't stress enough how easy basic BDcraft-style textures are to make. The basic concept is a shape, an inner glow, an inner shadow, and a stroke... all of which Photoshop (and similar programs) can do with a few clicks.

There are loads of example PSDs available for people to use and Photoshop CS2 is still freely available online... people just need to put some basic effort in...

If you do come up with a competent AI model though feel free to send me an example of what it creates in a Private Message and maybe it can be considered as a tool for helping to make mod textures :man_shrugging:
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