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Post 12 Feb 2017, 21:25

NintendoFan37 wrote:Sorry. I've been very busy with real life stuff going on. Once I have time, this will be the first patch I complete. Thank you for your understanding :love:
You're awesome. Can't wait to see the pack!

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Post 26 Jul 2017, 21:55

Is this still being worked on? Would love to see this finished as quite a few items are still missing a new texture.
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Post 12 Aug 2017, 17:15

Post updated.

Should work for 1.9/1.10, and also includes new Runes and Sigils
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Post 14 Aug 2017, 16:39

I made a texture for the Transcendent Blood Orb (well, I changed the lightness and saturation of the Archmage's Blood Orb in Photoshop, but it works!). I mainly just did it for myself as I move on to Tier 6 Blood Magic, but I thought that I may as well share it. I really hope that things like the Crystal Belljar, Alchemic Calcinator, Life Shard, Soul Shard, Crystal Cluster and Winged Fire Demon get textures for 1.7.10 (Blood Magic 1.3.3), and also the Bound Armour (it has models in the texture pack but in Blood Magic 1.3.3 it uses the BloodArmour_WIP.png file which doesn't have a Sphax texture). The current texturing is amazing though! I would help but I can't do any proper texturing for the life of me. :D Anyway, here it is.

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Post 10 Apr 2018, 03:24

can we get this updated to 1.12.2?

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Post 11 Apr 2018, 01:18

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Post 12 May 2018, 17:31

This is a real slop-job, I'm sure. I had to more or less gut another working 1.12.2 resource pack, and then go through and hand-name each of the blocks so that they complied with the new 1.12 standards.

But I've uploaded a Blood Magic resourcepack that is a mix of 128x and 512x (sorry) that should be compatible with 1.12.2.

It is VERY MUCH a Work-In-Progress that I probably won't be continuing on my own.

At any rate, it works for me, I'd love feedback if anyone trusts rando-links enough to try it.

Best! ... sp=sharing
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Post 01 Jun 2018, 16:23

i tried it and its good, also what can i do to help, i really like this project and want to help out
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Post 09 Jul 2018, 06:10

Hey Melizande,

Add these three to your pack mate, you have two older textures and a missing weak blood orb texture.

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Post 18 Jul 2018, 02:49

Need Help:
How to download mediafire files if I use the internet in China?
Thanks for help!
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