[64x] Harder Ores [1.7.10]

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Post 19 Apr 2016, 13:27

Harder Ores alters the way ores hard found, harvested, and refined into useable materials. Ores are more scarce and occur in veins (distributions controlled by Custom Ore Generation) but tend to contain much more total ore.

I am passing on textures I made for a pack I used to play, this is incomplete and probably will never be finished by me. I am posting this here so someone who wants to pick this up and finish can do since most of the hard work is done (ore block textures).

Having checked this patch against the newest harder ores version the only ore blocks missing are bauxite (I've no idea what that background is supposed to be) and Osmium.


Would love to give a preview but lining up 16 blocks of each ore and hammering them down the scales just eats me alive.

So have this instead:


for MC1.7.10
Works for most versions


Initial Release

Completed are Ore blocks for the following:-
  • Copper
  • Diamond
  • Gold
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Nickel/Ferrous
  • Silver
  • Tin
  • Uranium
Various dusts and ore chunks textured
Weapons and armor textured


Sphax - textures built off originals
HanFox - ore/dust textures from TE
Novamanga - Tool textures made from Tinkers Construct pieces