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Post 07 Mar 2019, 06:22

Novamanga wrote:
06 Mar 2019, 22:39
Here's a copy of the textures I use in my modpacks

Mekanism MC1.12 WIP Enjoy :)

of course novamanga come some hours after I edit the file structure 😄 haha awesome work as always Nova!
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Post 26 Apr 2019, 01:17

for some reason the fluid tanks' textures are bugged
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Post 26 Apr 2019, 14:10

Yes, Mekanism has updated and changed a load of things. Here's an update to fix it.

Mekanism Ver for MC 1.12 I believe I have updated all my modpacks which have this. If you find one I have not done, please let me know.

Enjoy :)

I have damaged ligaments in my right arm so no texture updates for a while. Typing this with my left hand is somewhat difficult.
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