[128x] MoarSigns [MC1.12]

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Post 12 Sep 2022, 03:14


MoarSigns adds a lot of signs based on wood and metal from other mods.

Installing this mod alone you only will get the vanilla plank types of signs and the vanilla metals.
Installing supported mods will make it possible to use the signs with woods types or metal types from those mods.

The crafting of the signs is easy. Use the plank you want and create it like a normal sign, you will get 3 signs of it. For the metal signs, it's a bit different,
you can use nuggets of the metal type you want which will give you 1 sign
if you use ingots of the metal type you want you will get 9 signs, for now just use a normal stick.


for MC1.12




Most of the wood signs are done, minus a few folders I removed due to there not being sphax patches to color pick from. Though I also skipped a folder because I didn't know what it was. None of the metal signs are done. (PS Cherry sign item texture for Natura is unused)
GUI: All but one of them is done. The one I didn't do will be very apparent when you try placing a sign lol


9-11-2022: Initial release


PureBDcraft Team - Reused/recolored sign texture, edited sign item model. Also used bits and pieces of tab_items GUI texture
Color picked from various patches on the forum(not sure if that counts as a "use" though. If it does I'll add proper credits)
Makes Sphax patches occassionally.