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Post 10 Dec 2014, 14:58

Pretty much the only bit of this mod I use... Grave:
Some credit to Sphax: Cobble and coarse dirt. The vines I redrew ages ago for EbXL.
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Post 24 Dec 2014, 07:47

This patch isn't working in 1.7.10, doesn't come up in the resources packs, any eta on when it will be updated?
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Post 24 Dec 2014, 15:14

HanFox wrote:Pretty much the only bit of this mod I use... Grave
That looks really nice, Han. The graves did look a bit out of place in a sphax world.

-- 24 Dec 2014, 15:14 --
marylandarmy wrote:This patch isn't working in 1.7.10, doesn't come up in the resources packs, any eta on when it will be updated?
It works fine for me in 1.7.10. Are you certain that you installed it correctly?
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Post 30 Dec 2014, 11:21

Don't know if too much has been done on this one yet, but heres a small one i spent 5 minutes on:

feel free to edit, its not perfect:
I'm back <3
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Post 10 Jan 2015, 03:04

Will 128x be available any time soon?
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Post 11 Jan 2015, 17:55

Noone here to update? :(
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Post 12 Jan 2015, 13:47

Dozid Last visited: 25 May 2014, 14:47

Needs a new owner.
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Post 12 Jan 2015, 14:52

If anyone is willing to take this patch on, let us mods know by replying in this thread.
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Post 20 Jan 2015, 00:54

I got the patch working properly. Go to page 6 and someone uploaded a 64x version and another person uploaded a 128x version. I downloaded the 64x version.

This download still did not show up in the 1.7.x resources menu, so I had a look in the zip file and noticed other mod texture patches had two files that this openblocks patch is missing - pack.png and pack.mcmeta. So I just copied those files from another mod's texture patch (just happened to be Big Reactors, but any should work) and copied those files into this patch's zip file. I also copied the 64x grave file posted by Hanfox into this zip file while I was at it.
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Post 14 Mar 2015, 17:35

Okay so I've been working on this for the past hour or two and I've gotten all of the textures everyone has posted on this thread and combined it into this pack as the other packs in the thread don't have all of this. I did do some of the stencils but I got bored with doing those so not all of them are done, I also added the Open Blocks sponge texture just from a recolor of the base Bdcraft one so its kinda meh looking because it's a recolor but at least it's something. If the mods could add this to the OP that'd be lovely thanks and enjoy everyone :)
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