[512x - 32x] Quark [MC1.10, 1.12, 1.14 - 1.16]

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Post 19 Oct 2021, 20:43

Hi there, will you be updating this to future versions? Or is this now abandoned?
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Post 12 Dec 2021, 00:33

Second this! Especially now with all the new crystal textures and buttons in the 1.18 release!
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Post 24 Feb 2022, 23:53

Patch for 1.18. I made no changes aside from renaming and reorganizing files as needed. Have not tested all textures. Please report any broken ones. Will be looking at adding some of the new textures down the road.

**2022-06-02 Minor updates and additions

Quark 1.18
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Post 05 Sep 2022, 09:57

95% complete for 1.16.
Missing: all the stools, inductor- wire and -magma-light, all the 40 different abacus variations, and the magnet.

This patch also fixes the "randomizer_on_right.json" wich is originally bugged to show the void through the small dents on the side.

most important for me is the deepslate backport wich forced me to watch the 16x deepslate on my mining trips.


edit: added the x64 abacus posted below. (if u dont like it, delete the abacus-textures and enjoy the x16 instead)
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Post 11 Sep 2022, 03:50

This zip file contains only the 49 abacus textures at 64x based on JTF's pack.

Quark Abacus 64x
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