[512x-32x] Spartan Weaponry [MC1.16]

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Post 30 Jun 2022, 12:49

Llama Farmer wrote:
10 Jun 2022, 07:39
Dracolus wrote:
04 Jun 2022, 22:37
is it possible to make a 1.12 version?
I won't be working on this, sorry. But that sort of thing is very manageable for someone, even if they're not an artist, to do. Takes no skill whatsoever and simply involves renaming files to match the file structure and file names of the 1.12 version. No special programs needed at all. By all means, go ahead! :)
I was able to edit the file so that 1.12.2 accepts it as a valid version but none of the textures got updated and I have no idea what files to change to what to make them work
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Post 05 Jul 2022, 01:05

@Dracolus, if you open your Spartan Weaponry .jar file (in your mods folder) with a zip editor, you'll find the assets\textures\ folder with the folder & file structure you need. Ignore the other folders in assets\ - you don't want them in your texture pack
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