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Post 05 May 2019, 14:48

Hi Everyone!

Well thought of doing this as I was playing 1.14 using PBD 1.13.2 resource. First thing noticable was the two flowers of cornflower and lily of the valley. It's known that BOP has the lily of the valley, however, the said flower X's oddly. So I created a new Lily of the valley can made a cornflower. Thought this be a good start to a thread for helpful ideas or a great we'll use that one, sort of thing. I done my best in digital style, hopes that others will help out until our wonderful Admin here. Cheers!

My first two inputs is at 128x128 it works fine okay.
PS. Though x128 was a good mid range as I can't shrink down or up very well with what programs I have without losing appearance.
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