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Post 28 Jun 2013, 16:56

Hello guys! This is a little combination of several other patches going into one.
Until i get a file editing program (other than windows paint, which makes transparent objects white) i wont be able to do the swords, tools, and armour icons. What I have so far is the armour textures.
I'm giving all of the credit to:
Zernicalo, who made the Divine RPG Sphax patch, in which i used the armour textures for.
MrTylon, who made the Metallurgy 2 sphax patch, 3/4 of the armour textures in the TLoN are made from this patch.
and CadenDonuts, who made the Aether II sphax patch, which only some of the armor textures in TLoN patch were from this patch.
Now I present to you... The Legend of Notch(TLoN) patch, in 64x!