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Post 17 Mar 2021, 09:32

As someone who works with a lot of files, sometimes it just takes an extra set of eyes :)
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Post 17 Mar 2021, 09:43

I've made the BDcraft Patches GitHub link a bit more prominent and removed all the dead links from the post :sweat_smile:
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Post 03 Oct 2021, 23:59

KaosKlaus wrote:
13 Jul 2013, 23:17
NintendoFan37 wrote:is there a program that makes those block (in 3D)?
how do you do that?
I use a self-made Photoshop action for doing the cube preview effect and after a small revision it's now ready to be shared. It's made with CS6, works on 512x512px images and comes with minimal instructions.


Downloaded it here:
It is probably just me as I am still learning, but when I run this I get a lot of "X" command not available. Most of the time it says Merge command.
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Post 14 Jun 2022, 05:17

I wonder what was this post back in the time 😅
I was 16 and now I'm 24. The time goes too fast...
coujean99 wrote:
12 Sep 2014, 02:34

GUI helper guide (colors and tricks on the PSD :ninja: )

Just Show to get a preview 8D

Image Beautiful, no? :shock:

Thanks to SPARKST3R for this video tutorial! :D

:star: The Sparkst3r video in question: :star:
Nice video, hein? :dork:

:star: Example: :star:

Image This is just an example! Don't make an arrow like me 8)

I hope you enjoy ;)
:love: :love: :love:
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