Immerse yourself in the wacky and colourful world of BDcraft!

Play as the heroes of PureBDcraft and plenty of other exclusive good and bad guys!
All the BDcraft skinpacks contain cool characters in HD, each available in 4 different colour variations!

BDcraft Skinpacks are only available on Minecraft Marketplace

Skinpacks on the Minecraft Marketplace


Play as the heroes of PureBDcraft!

40 HD skins; 10 characters in 4 alts:
Steve, Alex, Piglin, Strider phoenix, Evoker vampire, Enderman, Drown, Wither Skeleton, Herobrine and Creeper!


Mage or Pirate? Hero or Monster?
Choose and play the role that suits you!

40 HD skins, 10 characters in 4 alts:
Kro, Birdy, Froggy, Gnoll, King, Liz, Mimic, Mokie, Ork, and Ratie!


Take the lead with Cybernetic implants, Holograms, Brain dance, Hacking, Robots...

40 HD skins, 10 characters in 4 alts:
Hacker girl, Industrialist, Rebel, Holo, Droid, Tina, Tony, Hasmat, Military Mech, Drone!


This holiday season become one of Santa's helpers in the Santa Playland skin pack!

40 HD skins, 10 characters in 4 alts:
Santa, Ms Claus, 2 Elves, Gingerbread man, Child, Yeti, Penguin, Robot and Snowman

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