VanillaBDcraft Changelog

3rd Nov, 2020 – V1.16R3 (FOR MC1.16)

  • Added Piglin Banner Pattern item by HanFox
  • Added Social Interactions UI by HanFox
  • Updated Toasts UI by HanFox

9th Sep, 2020 – V1.16R2 (FOR MC1.16)

  • Added Soul Campfire item by HanFox
  • Fixed Doors being dark in inventory by HanFox
  • Fixed culling on Fences when attached to a Wall’s Fence Gate by HanFox

28th Aug, 2020 – V1.16R1 (FOR MC1.16)

  • Added all the new Nether stuff by HanFox, Sphax, & Lizannamae
  • Updated Gold Block by Sphax
  • Updated Mushrooms by HanFox, & Sphax
  • Updated Music Discs by Sphax
  • Updated Nether Bricks by Sphax
  • Updated Nether Portal by Sphax
  • Updated Ores by Sphax
  • Fixed Trident entity colours by HanFox

26th Mar, 2020 – V1.15R5 (FOR MC1.15)

  • Fixed Conduit Eye by HanFox
  • Tweaked some Banner Patterns by HanFox

16th Mar, 2020 – V1.15R4 (FOR MC1.15)

  • Fixed Trident position in-hand by HanFox
  • Updated shape of Gold and Iron Ingot by Sphax
  • Tweaked Brick item by Sphax

7th Feb, 2020 – V1.15R3 (FOR MC1.15)

  • Updated Horse UI by HanFox
  • Tweaked Leather Armour by HanFox
  • Tweaked Villagers and Professions by HanFox
  • Fixed Zombie Arms by HanFox
  • Fixed Enchantment Glint by HanFox

10th Jan, 2020 – V1.15R2 (FOR MC1.15)

  • Fixed Chests by HanFox

10th Jan, 2020 – V1.15R1 (FOR MC1.15)

  • Added Bee Hive by Sphax
  • Added Honey block by Sphax
  • Added Bee Hive by Sphax
  • Added Honeycomb block by Sphax
  • Added Honey Bottle by Sphax
  • Added Honeycomb item by Sphax
  • Added Bee by Sphax
  • Added Instant Damage, Instant Health, and Saturation Mob Effect icons by HanFox
  • Added Map Checkerboard Background by Sphax
  • Added Iron Golem Crackiness by Sphax
  • Updated UI buttons by HanFox
  • Tweaked Iron Golem by Sphax
  • Tweaked Chests by HanFox
  • Tweaked Banner and Shield patterns by HanFox

23rd Sep, 2019 – V1.14R5 (FOR MC1.14)

  • Updated Anvil models by HanFox

20th Sep, 2019 – V1.14R4 (FOR MC1.14)

  • Fixed Ender Dragon being entirely white by HanFox

19th Sep, 2019 – V1.14R3 (FOR MC1.14)

  • Added Leather Horse Armour by HanFox
  • Fixed Cauldron water tint by HanFox
  • Updated Steve to match vanilla colours by HanFox
  • Tweaked title screen so BDcraft URL shouldn’t be clipped on high UI scales (requires OptiFine) by HanFox

16th Sep, 2019 – V1.14R2 (FOR MC1.14)

  • Fixed Composter top not being HD by HanFox

14th Sep, 2019 – V1.14R1 (FOR MC1.14)

  • Added Cornflower by Sphax
  • Added Lily of the Valley by Sphax
  • Added Wither Rose by Sphax
  • Added Sweet Berry Bush by Sphax
  • Added Barrel by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Blast Furnace by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Campfire by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Cartography Table by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Composter by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Fletching Table by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Lantern by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Lectern by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Loom by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Scaffolding by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Bamboo by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Smithing Table by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Stonecutter by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added New UIs by HanFox
  • Added new Signs by HanFox
  • Added Pandas by Sphax
  • Added Bell by Sphax
  • Added Campfire by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Trader Llama Decor by HanFox
  • Added Suspicious Stew by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Sweet Berries by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Villagers by alphanite, Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Zombie Villagers by alphanite, Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Smoker by Sphax
  • Added Ravager by alphanite & Sphax
  • Added Black, Blue, Brown, and White Dyes by Sphax
  • Added new Cats by Sphax & HanFox
  • Added Crossbow by Sphax
  • Added Pillager by alphanite & HanFox
  • Added Wandering Trader by alphanite & HanFox
  • Tweaked Oak Sign by HanFox
  • Tweaked Daylight Detector model by HanFox
  • Tweaked some minecart item models by HanFox
  • Tweaked shading on Dispenser and Dropper HanFox
  • Tweaked Quartz Blocks by HanFox
  • Fixed Spider Eyes by HanFox
  • Updated Noteblock and Jukebox by Sphax
  • Updated Pistons by Sphax
  • Updated Lava by HanFox
  • Updated Water by HanFox
  • Updated credits by HanFox
  • Updated Shield Base by Sphax
  • Updated Particles by Sphax & HanFox
  • Updated Turtle Egg by Sphax
  • Updated Mojang title screen (requires OptiFine) by Sphax & HanFox

9th Sep, 2019 – V1.11 & 1.12 (FOR MC1.11 & MC1.12)

  • Fixed Horses by HanFox

4th Sep, 2019 – V1.11 & 1.12 (FOR MC1.11 & MC1.12)

  • Backported MC1.13 pack to MC1.11 and MC1.12 by HanFox

23rd Aug, 2019 – V1.13R10 (FOR MC1.13)

  • Backported some of the upcoming MC1.14 changes by HanFox

23rd Apr, 2019 – V1.13R9 (FOR MC1.13)

  • Fixed Note Block having no HD texture by HanFox

16th Apr, 2019 – V1.13R8 (FOR MC1.13)

  • Fixed active Redstone torches on walls using the off texture Furnace texture by HanFox

27th Mar, 2019 – V1.13R7 (FOR MC1.13)

  • Added Glass CTM by HanFox
  • Updated clear Glass by HanFox
  • Fixed poor quality of active Furnace texture by HanFox

6th Mar, 2019 – V1.13R6 (FOR MC1.13)

  • Fixed Potion colours not changing by HanFox

19th Feb, 2019 – V1.13R5 (FOR MC1.13)

  • Fixed Map icons by HanFox
  • Fixed Anvil breaking particles by HanFox

13th Feb, 2019 – V1.13R4 (FOR MC1.13)

  • Fixed Creeper Shield pattern by HanFox
  • Updated Shield by HanFox

10th Feb, 2019 – V1.13R3 (FOR MC1.13)

  • Fixed Drowned just being a floating head by HanFox

27th Jan, 2019 – V1.13R2 (FOR MC1.13)

  • Fixed 64x title screen showing it was x128 by HanFox
  • Fixed culling on Oak and Iron Door by HanFox
  • Fixed Snowy Grass block side by HanFox
  • Fixed Comparator and Repeater models by HanFox
  • Fixed Banners and Shields by HanFox
  • Updated Fire texture and Flame particles by HanFox & Sphax
  • Updated Torch texture by Sphax
  • Removed 3D Torch model by HanFox

24th Jan, 2019 – V1.13R1 (FOR MC1.13)

  • Overhaul and updates to bring the pack up to MC1.13 by HanFox, EskiMojo14, & Sphax

26th Jun, 2016

  • Added structure blocks
  • Added structure void
  • Added red Nether bricks
  • Added Nether wart block
  • Added bone block
  • Added magma block
  • Added stray
  • Added husk
  • Added polar bear
  • New emerald block
  • New lava
  • New lava bucket
  • Improved pigzombies

2nd Nov, 2015

  • Added elytra wings and item (credit goes to the BDcraft resident Inuit)
  • Lighter cobblestone
  • New, but similar, planks
  • Added chorus fruit, plant and flower
  • Added End bricks
  • Added Purpur blocks (pillar and stairs)
  • Using PureBDcraft’s fish again
  • Added necessary GUI icons
  • Altered Minecraft logo
  • Added new boats + item models

09th Jul, 2015

  • Added 3D model for the crafting table
  • Added a texture to 2 of the faces of the cauldron model
  • Fixed the pink/black texture glitch with stone brick when users used Forge
  • Rescaled mob_spawner.png, glass panes and wolf_collar.png down to 64×64 to slightly decrease file size (doesn’t have an effect on quality)
  • Changed the eyes of the pumpkin/jack ‘o’ lantern
  • New panorama for the starting menu background
  • New Minecraft logo
  • Slightly recoloured diamond armor
  • New, more vanilla Minecraft-like helmets for diamond, iron and gold armor
  • New empty armor slot GUI icons
  • Added subtle shading to monster spawn eggs
  • New original Wither painting made by my girlfriend (uses some textures from GrungeBDcraft)
  • New texture for all wool types
  • Added some splashes
  • Changed the “fast” leaves to the ones in PureBDcraft
  • looks much smoother
  • Made lapiz lazuli look a bit better
  • Removed the model for cactus
  • Slightly changed the color of seeds
  • New compass texture/animation (made using BDcraft Animaker!)
  • Fixed some color bugs with all rail types
  • Changed model of raised rail to match vanilla Minecraft’s
  • Made farmland (wet/dry) look better
  • Optimized potion effect icons
  • Added PureBDcraft’s model for fences but in VanillaBDcraft’s colors
  • Made the snow golem’s face look a tad better
  • Patched one or two awkward pixels on wooden planks textures
  • Added 3D model for sign in inventory
  • Slightly altered item frame texture
  • Changed the texture on the body of the snow golem to VBDc’s snow block texture
  • Patched the ladder model
  • Re-added some Othala runes (enchanted book, all armor types)
  • Updated the paintings in general
  • 3D model for sugar cane
  • Removed mouth from villages
  • Added some detail to the iron golem’s face
  • Added custom model for the anvil
  • New beacon model
  • New (red) sandstone texture
  • Slightly recolored (red) sand
  • Adjusted the birch log texture
  • New bread texture
  • Changed lava bucket texture
  • New texture for all books
  • Adjusted color scheme for all but one villagers and replaced 2 of the robes with aprons (butcher and blacksmith)
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